The RESET PLANS Program:  Next Program begins December 3th


Don't wait to get started with your "what's next" career and life plans

SIgn up for the  45 minute introductory webinar to learn more about The RESET PLANS Program



Webinars are 45 minutes in length  plus Q & A -   Content overview for each sesssion 


Prepare an outline of initial dreams, goals, thoughts and ideas for what you may want to achieve for the next 10- 20-30 years. Using a timeline approach. Map what you want to do, what you want to accomplish and what you want your life to look like. This is the introductory webinar.


Leverage, identify and understand the importance of your skills, knowledge, competencies, values and strengths to realize a dream or fulfill your purpose. Take a Strengths based assessment. Discover how to combine all facets of your life into your plans.


Align your short and long term vision with goals that drive your plan for each facet of your life and career. Learn about personal branding to support your goals and the communications tools that may be needed to support your goal: Resume, LinkedIn or Biography along with a 30 second introduction.


Navigate other people, places and things that might help or hinder your plans. Apply a decision making approach to your plan. Learn how to manage change and how to network to achieve your goals. This session will help you examine and explore the many possibilities and options available to you and show you how to obtain them.


Start by taking the first steps of your short term plans. Decide where you are on the time spectrum and begin from there. Identify your fears and concerns and understand the role of emotional intelligence and resilience as you set off on part two of your life and career journey. 

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